Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skateboarding to freedom

"This Ain't California",
Wildfremd Production
The color of the GDR was grey: the walls, the homes, the uniforms, the Plattenbauten and the Trabis: all grey. "The streets were not for playing", as one of the protagonists puts it. And yet there was a life as colorful as it can be: Skateboarding in a dull and uniform world. "This Ain't California" ("Hier ist nicht Kalifornien", Wildfremd Production, Arte, RBB, MDR Leipzig) is a fresh, funny, yet thoughtful and profound documentary telling the story of a skateboard society, of freedom on little wheels, by means of lots and lots of orignal film documents, original music, and animated cartoons. Stunning.

A full-blown 96 minute documentary on the revolutionary power of skateboarding, and despite the underlying tragedies: I can't get the smile out of my face.

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