Saturday, October 20, 2012

The festival bible

Prix Europa paperwork.
Here I am, essentially the same (blogger? fool? both?) I used to be last year. The Prix on the other hand isn't. Additional bookshelves have been set up, shiny new panels installed, more than 850 participants have registered, 300 of which will be in the jurys.

Yet, really good things never change. The Prix Europa bible for instance. All those great TV, radio and multimedia productions, the authors, directors, producers, casts - a Who Is Who of media throughout Europe.

And yes, there is that little sheet on top of the pile, with that one remarkable sentence:
"Thomas Weibel will be blogging again during the whole festival week. He is amazingly particular and quick and tends to do rounds in all the categories. If you have anything you need to let all the other participants know - you need to buy him a coffee."
There's hardly anything more to be said. Just these two things you should never forget:
  1. to check out the festival blog (once an hour will do),
  2. the coffee bar at the Haus des Rundfunks.

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