Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stuff everywhere

"Stuff Everywhere",
Viewpoint Productions, BOS, Netherlands
A simple question may be the starting point: Where's my mobile? We start emptying our pockets and bags and drawers only to discover how much stuff we actually have. (Except for the mobile we were looking for of course. Murphy's Law, but that's another story.) Author Judith de Leeuw does the experiment on herself. She starts meticulously counting, categorizing, listing and displaying all her furniture, knives and forks, clothes, books, gadgets, toys.

"Stuff Everywhere" (Viewpoint Productions, BOS, Netherlands) asks a few seemingly simple questions: Why do we buy so many things? What do they mean to us? What do they tell others about us? Why do things get broken so fast? What will they do to our planet in the end? And, of course, that nasty simple question again and again: How much stuff do we actually have? The video-style film is witty and weird, joyful and choking, orginal and abysmal at the same time. "Stuff everywhere" is a stunning study on the stuff we keep piling up. Brilliant.

Update: 17.534 is the precise number of things Judith de Leeuw ends up with. So far.

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