Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nightmares of the past

"My Name Is Druillet", Catalonian Television
Philippe Druillet is an French artist devoted to the world of comics. He lost his father when he was a young boy, and he knows hardly anything about him. Yet the few things he has heard about his father, Victor Drouillet, being a French fascist having been involved in the persecution of Spanish republicans during the Franco regime - is enough to start a long and turturing quest for the historical truth. "My Name Is Druillet" (Catalonian Television) is an extensive research, a voyage into a violent past, opulent, maybe overburdened, but dense and disturbing.

PS: Philippe Drouillet will not be able to finish the documentary; the truth about his father proves to be too frightening. And yet he has decided to give his own son his father's name: Victor.

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