Saturday, October 29, 2011

And the winners are...

Prix Europa 2011 award ceremony: The winners on stage. (twb)

So these are the winners of this year's Prix Europa, that amazing media festival awarding the best of the best public service productions: Congratulations! Well done! By today you belong to Europe's best media makers.

(And tidy up your desk – the Prix Europa bull will need some space.)

  • TV Documentary: The Snow Ball War Darkness (Norway), Enemy Engagement (Germany)
  • TV Current Affairs: Lost Honour – The Story of the Sürücü Family (Germany)
  • TV Fiction: Sherlock – A Study In Pink (United Kingdom), The Strongest Man in Holland (The Netherlands)
  • Prix Geneve Europe (best TV fiction script): Combat Girls (Germany)
  • TV Iris (best multicultural TV programme): Winter of Love (The Netherlands)
  • Languages Through Lenses (students' short films on learning languages): The Importance of Speaking Two Languages (Italy)
  • Radio Documentary: My Grandfather’s Doublelife (Denmark), Ladies of the Manor – Scenes from a Marriage of Convenience (Austria)
  • Radio Fiction: Tacet (Silence 2) (Germany), Home Goal (France)
  • Radio Music (programmes on music): WDR 3 Favourites (Germany)
  • Online: Nowhere Safe (France)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Radio: Raina Konstantinova (EBU)

The Top Five

Whatever production has made it to the Prix Europa, you will agree, belongs to the best productions there are. Yet, not any of them can win one of the bulls. So here is what the jurys have considered the top five of any category, the very essence of this year's Prix Europa.

No voting for "Farewell Comrades!"

It must have been a hard decision: The Online jury decided that they would not vote on "Farewell Comrades!" (entered by Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion Berlin, Arte France and ZDF), undoubtedly one of the most exciting projects presented in this year's competition. The reason for this is simple: The project had not been finished yet, and the glances the jury was able to have did not allow a final decision. Hence, no votes, no prize, at least not this year: "Farewell Comrades!", to be launched on November 1, has already been pre-nominated for the Prix Europa 2012.

Do you agree? Comments anyone?

Update: the Prix Europa press release on the subject.