Wednesday, October 26, 2011

News school

Young reporters at work. (BBC)
The "BBC news school report", online since 2006, aims at engaging 11 to 16-year-old youngsters with the news. Using the power of the web the BBC establishes a network of school broadcasters making news reports that are published on school websites and linked to by the BBC. The project provides a live events overview, an interactive map, and live-streamed radio and tv channels to give the young journalists a way to reach a real audience. A six-digit number of young people have already been involved with the "BBC news school report".

A public broadcaster getting involved in sustaining citizenship and civil society by means of its own media competence: Self-evident, yet impressive and compelling.

No shelter

Shot taken from "Á l'abri de rien". (Textuel La Mine)
"Á l'abri de rien" (nowhere safe) presented by the French company Textuel La Mine is an interactive documentary on shockingly poor housing conditions in France which 3.6 million people are suffering from. Samuel Bollendorff and Mehdi Ahoudig did the meticulous research, careful to always keep the respect for the men and women who opened their doors to the cameras.

"Á l'abri de rien" - 15 three-minute stories told in breath-taking photos and monologues, and each of them will get under your skin.


Dina Foxx. (ZDF)
Are you going to save Dina Foxx? Are you? "Wer rettet Dina Foxx" entered by the German ZDF is an interactive crime story about the data activist Dina Foxx accused of having murded her boyfriend. The plot was introduced by a TV movie broadcast in April, stopping at the climax. A three week online game followed, in the course of which the audience was meant to solve the case and to learn about dangers in the digital world.

The Dina Foxx project is TV movie, online game, social media, web apps and more, all at the same time. Edutainment at its best.

21st century stage

"Glaciers", four main characters. (Room 408)
"Glaciers" entered by the Icelandic company Room 408 makes the web a theatre. It is a play, an interactive thriller telling the story of four lonesome men and women living in Iceland, mostly online and yet actually meeting one day. With severe consequences.

The piece was live performed by five actors simultaneously, in five different places throughout Iceland and abroad. All the shows were streamed to the web where they can be viewed singly or in multiple windows on the same screen.

"Glaciers" is drama made interactive, offering multiple ways of viewing. A stunning art project, and a fascinating 21st century stage.

Handling life

"Handle life" entered by the Swedish educational broadcasting company is a TV series for young people suffering from anxiety or depression. In order to reach the target group better than TV can, an iPhone app was developed providing clips with challenging situations and possible ways of dealing with them, so as to strengthen the young user's self-esteem and help them find their own ways of handling that tricky thing called life.

Day by day

"Hurtigruten" in the Haus des Rundfunks. (twb)
"Hurtigruten - Minute By Minute" broadcast by the Norvegian NRK from June 16 to June 22 2011 was a gigantic non-stop and live TV documentary about a sea journey from Bergen to Kirkenes, Norway's northernmost harbor, a journey often referred to as the world's most beautiful sea voyage.

The website provided a TV livestream as well as a 2D and 3D navigation. The front camera shots were delivered by means of Bittorrent technology, in full length and under a Creative Commons license so as to encourage the audience to make and upload remixes. A centuries old sea voyage brought to TV and the web, minute by minute: Amazing.

Online playground

"Tyyo" (in plain English: wow!) is an online playground presented by the Czech TV, providing games, activities, TV programs, practical advice in netiquette and internet security. "Tyyo" is fun designed by top Czech designers, among them the brilliant game artists Amanita Design ("Samorost", "Machinarium"). No doubt, "Tyyo" is for kids. Of any age.

Art for free

Art for free: This is the main idea of the "Our Art" project presented by the Danish DR. Three pieces of art will be paid for by the DR, the Danish Arts Fund and Arts Council, at the price of 201.000 euros each. The website and its main interactive map (for users to upload photos, stories, suggestions, arguments) is the core. Its purpose is to involve the public in the discussion about the what, the why, and where.

"Our Art" is an impressive web-based public art debate. Multi-media in the sense of the word.

For a pocketful of websites

Discussion and voting in the Online jury. (twb)
This is the day: The multimedia jury gets to work. I have been camping in front of the presentation room in order to be in the front row. Here I am.