Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet the GDR

"Weissensee". (ARD)

The German ARD and Ziegler Film present "Weissensee", a six-part fiction series telling the story of two families living in East Berlin. Two families that could hardly be more different: The Kupfers are a solid part of the GDR system, the Hausmanns have a dissident and artist background. Two families, two political systems, and more than one border between them: The inevitable love story between the GDR police officer Martin and Julia, considered superficial and "politically unreliable", boosts both the dramatic plot and the audience rate.

"Weissensee" draws us back into the days of the Cold War when Germany was divided by the wall, back into a time most of us have vivid memories about. The plot may appear melodramatic and soapy. But if so, "Weissensee" is a soap opera on a very high level.

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