Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Top Five

Whatever production has made it to the Prix Europa, you will agree, belongs to the best productions there are. Yet, not any of them can win one of the bulls. So here is what the jurys have considered the top five of any category, the very essence of this year's Prix Europa.
TV Documentary
TV Fiction
  • New Vahr South (Germany)
  • Schmokk (Norway)
  • Sherlock – A Study In Pink (United Kingdom)
  • The Red Band Society (Spain)
  • The Strongest Man in Holland (The Netherlands)
TV Current Affairs
  • Planet for Sale (France)
  • Lost Honour – The Story of the Sürücü, Family Panorama – Undercover Care: The Abuse (Germany)
  • Exposed (United Kingdom)
  • The Man Who Lied the World into War (Denmark)
  • The Afghan Nightmare (Norway)
Radio Documentary
Radio Fiction
  • Tacet (Silence 2) (Germany)
  • Kirkjubæjarklaustur (Belgium)
  • The Deep (Iceland)
  • Home Goal (France)
  • Lucifer’s Town (Norway)
Radio Music
  • Nova: Roger Doyle's Chalant (Ireland)
  • Wagner’s Ring for Beginners (Germany)
  • Viva la Musica (Bulgaria)
  • WDR 3 Favourites (Germany)
  • Youth Radio Day 2010 - The Sound of Freising (Germany)
Prix Geneve Europe
  • Sinestesia (Switzerland)
  • Combat Girls (Germany)
  • Colours in the Dark (Germany)
  • Process (The Netherlands)
  • Jump (Switzerland)

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