Sunday, October 23, 2011

Multiple sacrifice

"Sacrifice". (SVT)

The three-part series "Sacrifice" presented by the Swedish Television SVT actually deals with a multiple one. The well-cast and well-acted film deals with politics (the protagonists, the jewish-born Elisabeth Meyer and her Swedish colleague Charlotte Ekeblad struggle to bring the Social Democrats back into power), with racism (Elisabeth faces a death threat from extremists and is living under permanent police protection), with rivalry (there are struggles for influence within the SocDem party itself), and with disease (Elisabeth realizes that she is suffering from Alzheimer which is likely to make her election campaign impossible).

Brilliant actors, a multi-dimensional plot, a bit far fetched though and overburdened with topics: A whole panopticon packed into 90 minutes of TV fiction make "Sacrifice" a frighteningly oppressive piece.

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