Friday, October 28, 2011

Mohammed's journey

Mohammed al Masmoudi. (twb)
Mohammed al Masmoudi is a young man from Morocco. "I feel like a stranger", Mohammed says, "within my country, my language, my religion, my own body". Being discriminated is common to him - both for his name and origin, and for his handicap: Mohammed is about four feet tall, due to a misconducted medical treatment done in Casablanca when he was a child. "Mohammed's Journey" makes us follow Mohammed's way through life, makes us see things as he does, and it makes us feel all the terrible discriminations a man encounters when bearing the Prophet's name, when originating from a Muslim country, and when being a dwarf.

The Italian TV and web documentary presented by Zeligfilm is not yet another stop discrimation story. "Mohammed's Journey" is an upsetting and insistant plea for tolerance and respect.

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