Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deadly silence

Jordan, aspiring marching band drummer. (BBC)
In the beginning there was a research: How well have the wounds healed since war in Northern Ireland is over? Filmmaker Alison Millar explores Shankill Road in Belfast, meets 11-year-old Jordan, an aspiring marching band drummer, the marching band leader Paul Shole, and the father of eight Lee Hammond who tells Alison about his "lost childhood", always aware of the fact that he might get shot during one of the frequent riots. One day drummer boy Jordan makes a shocking discovery at the end of his road. His father who has always refused to speak about his violent past decides to break the silence.

"The Men Who Won't Stop Marching" presented by BBC Two is an impressive study on the loyalists' nostalgia for paramilitary discipline, on worshipping killed protestant fighters (who might as well be seen as murderers), on self-perpetuating prejudice, and on the deadly resistence to talking about the troubled past.

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