Saturday, October 29, 2011

And the winners are...

Prix Europa 2011 award ceremony: The winners on stage. (twb)

So these are the winners of this year's Prix Europa, that amazing media festival awarding the best of the best public service productions: Congratulations! Well done! By today you belong to Europe's best media makers.

(And tidy up your desk – the Prix Europa bull will need some space.)

  • TV Documentary: The Snow Ball War Darkness (Norway), Enemy Engagement (Germany)
  • TV Current Affairs: Lost Honour – The Story of the Sürücü Family (Germany)
  • TV Fiction: Sherlock – A Study In Pink (United Kingdom), The Strongest Man in Holland (The Netherlands)
  • Prix Geneve Europe (best TV fiction script): Combat Girls (Germany)
  • TV Iris (best multicultural TV programme): Winter of Love (The Netherlands)
  • Languages Through Lenses (students' short films on learning languages): The Importance of Speaking Two Languages (Italy)
  • Radio Documentary: My Grandfather’s Doublelife (Denmark), Ladies of the Manor – Scenes from a Marriage of Convenience (Austria)
  • Radio Fiction: Tacet (Silence 2) (Germany), Home Goal (France)
  • Radio Music (programmes on music): WDR 3 Favourites (Germany)
  • Online: Nowhere Safe (France)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Radio: Raina Konstantinova (EBU)

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